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How To Use Word Art Overlays

I have to say that Squijoo has absolutely been a life saver when it comes to adding the “fun” touch to my photography business. They have everything you could imagine to make life simpler for photographers. Today I will be teaching you how to take your photo from plain to fun with Squijoo’s awesome Word Art Overlays! It’s very easy and only takes a few minutes!


How To Create a Logo / Watermark

One of my favorite things that Squijoo has is their premade logo templates for photographers. You can essentially create your brand from what they have right there on the site. This is amazing because you are getting an amazing deal here…these logos can go for $15+ a piece on etsy!

I thought I would show you how to take one of these templates and make them completely your own!


How to Create a Digital Magazine with ISSUU.com

Customizing the Squijoo Marketing Magazine Templates has been one of the best things I have done for my photography business. Clients and potential clients love how professional it looks. Like all of Squijoo’s fantastic templates, it is easy to customize and make it work for your business. Publishing it to ISSUU.com or a similar website is probably easier than you think!