1. Unlimited Photoshop Templates

That’s right. Why keep buying individual templates when you can get access to all of them for pennies on the dollar. Download as many templates as you like – anywhere, anytime. Simply squijoo-lecious don’t you think?

2. Beautiful, Awesome, Designs

We create designs you and your clients will really like adore. Squijoo designers work hard to bring you the best – making your work look appealing and professional. Squijoo puts the “S” in your swag.

3. Pricing You’ll Love

For just 10 bucks a month you can get your hands on all the photoshop templates on our website. Seriously – if that’s not a bargain we don’t know what is. With all the money you save you will soon start feeling a tingly sensation all over – yes, those are the first symptoms of falling in love with Squijoo.

4. No Binding Contracts

We don’t keep hostages … you can cancel your membership anytime for whatever reason. Of course Squijoo will be sad and heart broken to see you go, but we totally understand. And guess what … you get to keep all the templates you already downloaded.

5. Free Upgrades For Life

Just like bees building a hive, every month, we keep adding more and more awesome templates to our growing collection. And you get to enjoy them at no extra cost. Now that is almost as sweet as honey!

6. No More Losing Templates

Have you ever bought a template elsewhere and then you can never seem to find it on your computer when you need it ? Well, with Squijoo you just login, find the template and download it again. Yeah it’s that easy.

7. No More Multiple Purchases

Imagine buying a template only to realize it is already sitting on your computer. Makes you want to pull your hair out doesn’t it? Don’t worry, Squijoo is here to save your hair from unnecessary destruction. Just login and download as many times as you like without worrying about multiple purchasing. No need to thank us … you’re very welcome!

8. Squijoo Love Support

Sounds cheesy doesn’t it? But honestly , we love our customers and we are always willing to help in any way we can. Just get in touch and our customer love team will take care of your needs.