I hadn’t heard of Squijoo until a fellow photographer and friend of mine told me all about it. So of course I had to give it a try and with the awesome promotional code she gave me, I used Squijoo for $5 the first month for timeline covers and mainly marketing boards at the time and let me tell you what….I had no experience with these templates before in my life so it was like a literal “Whole New World” to me, but Squijoo makes things so simple I had no problems picking up the pieces and putting things where they needed to be with the simple guides that they offer you. I couldn’t help but to keep coming back (plus that price for all those templates). From where I started with Squijoo till now they have completely expanded in everything a photographer needs.

Yellow Bird Photography by CC

Even in Belgium, we enjoy the superb products that squijoo has to offer! Your frequent updates and new approaches always help me find exactly what i need to bring smiles to my customers faces!

Wendy Marien

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Squijoo site, it has added that special little something to my photography business that my clients can’t get enough of! I couldn’t ask for better!

Jennifer Vick Bohannon | J.Empress Photography LLC

Big fan of Squijoo! New templates every month help my business look more professional. This feature lets me keep focused on my work instead of fussing over advertising, etc. I’m located in Brazil so any one can benefit!

Larissa Drummond Pavei

Squijoo has helped take my business to the next level. I can now offer my clients a wide range of specialty items, as well as I have the ability to add in personalized extras that set my sessions apart from the rest! One of my client’s favorite things is receiving a Facebook banner of their new images to display! The templates are so easy to download and use, the small fee per month is absolutely worth the professionalism you’ll be able to offer!

Kitty Carlson

Squijoo is just plain AMAZING! It has been a huge support to my business! I have had new clients come to me just from seeing a photo from another session that a template was used on it from Squijoo… saying…Can you do one of those for me like that! They have helped provide me with just about everything I could ever need to use for my business – from marketing to editing… and if there is something that you really would like to see… you just need to let them know! Send them a message tell them what it is that you are needing or “wishing” for or even if you think of something that would be a neat idea… they LISTEN! They will respond to you usually within a day or two and then before you know it you will get an email or a message telling you to go check out the site that there is something you have been looking for…I have not come across anyone else who will do this for me! It is also GREAT that they give us a website page to showcase products to our client. Where we can send them to look for cards, announcements and other products they may need. I would highly recommend Squijoo for every photographer! You can’t beat the price either – Seriously $10 a month! The only thing that I regret is that I did not join earlier!!

Lisa O’Halloran

I love the simplicity of squijoo. Anything I want is right at my finger tips. I have used a ton of related sites that don’t even scratch the surface of what squijoo offers for triple the price. As a mom and owner of three businesses I need all the extra time I can get in my busy life and using squijoo has saved me countless hours of template creating. ANYONE can use these templates! I will recommend squijoo to anyone!

Amanda Crouch
| Amanda Crouch Photography

Squijoo is a photographer’s best friend!! Even those if us who understand graphic design and have the capability to design templates on our own often don’t have the time to do so. Squijoo has endless designs from which to choose and they’re always coming up with new stuff…often at customers’ requests. Also, the price can’t be beat. No more shopping around to find perfect templates; Squijoo is a “one stop shop.” Their customer service is flawless, too. I’m grateful to have found them and recommend them to everyone I know.

Danielle Walters |
Danielle Walters Photography

Squijoo is the best of the best when it comes to amazing photography templates. I have been a member of Squijoo for almost 2 years and I’m always thrilled when I see new templates being offered. Squijoo has helped my business look more professional and my clients always love what ever products I do use. As Squijoo grows and offers more and more templates/products I will be there using them. Thank you Squijoo for the amazing talent you offer and for all the hard work you all put in to make each and every photographer happy.

Teresa Hill | Starlight Memories Photography

Squijoo is simply amazing! I absolutely love the HUGE range of templates for newborns, seniors, weddings, and everything in between! I use the marketing templates for most of my client forms and it is so great to be able to just fill in the blanks on very professional layouts. As a mother of three and a full time photographer, their templates really help save me precious time! Always look forward to what’s new and I highly recommend them to everyone. The price just can’t be beat!

Sparkle Hill

Few services for photographers translate so well to nearly every part of the business. The price tag makes it a complete no brainer for anyone who uses Photoshop.

Keesha Hervey

I love Squijoo! Their designs are so fun and versatile. They make creating and designing in Photoshop a breeze. I have already recommend them to many friends and will continue sharing this great site!

Jeannie Lynn Huff

Squijoo has saved me a world of time and money, not only in my business but my personal life! And has helped me to created beautiful pieces for my clients and family!

Victoria Lee Akers | Tori Lee Photography & Design

The day I found Squijoo was an amazing day! Its helped my business grow and look more professional. It’s like Christmas every day seeing all the new templates! I am a forever customer and I can’t wait to see what comes out next!

Jennifer Podesta

Squijoo is just what I was looking for, helped me move forward in my business and have a professional look. Marketing boards, newsletters, business cards, blog templates, are just a few I use on a regular basis. I am always looking forward to what comes out next so worth the monthly charge and then some.

Jenna Cranek Hooker